Calendar of Events – 2015


All 2015 meetings will be in the Juniper Rm on the 2nd Monday from 10 am until noon. Note:  November 11th (Wed) is Veteran’s Day; thus, the meeting is changed to the 16th.   The Friday July 17 meeting will be in the Juniper Room from 10 am until 4 pm.

 Jan 12th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Maeve Browne.

                Cochlear Americas Nucleus Hybrid Implant System.

Feb 09th – Steering Committee Meeting.

Mar 09th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Dr. Linda Daily.

                 – Wireless Connectivity-What Does It All Mean?

Apr 13th – Steering Committee Meeting.

May 11th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Jagmeet Mundi M.D.

                 – Hearing Loss Diseases, Treatment and Management.

Jun 08th – Steering Committee Meeting.

Jul 17th  – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Hamid Djalilian, M.D.

                 What’s New in the Treatment of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.

Aug 10th – Steering Committee Meeting.

Sep 14th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Mark Wegener Balance Rehab.

                 – Balance Problems and Hearing.

Oct 12th – Steering Committee Meeting.  Members welcome.  Contact President for location and times.

Nov 16th – Chapter Mtg:  

Kyle Riley, Segerstrom Theater for the Arts 

Sahar Malekpour , Aliso Viejo,  Edwards Regal Movie Theater 

Hearing Accessible Entertainment

Dec 14th – Steering Committee Meeting.   Members welcome.  Contact President for location and times.