Calendar of Events – 2017

 All 2017 meetings will be in the Juniper Room on the 2nd Monday from 10am – noon.

Our special summer meeting will be Monday, June 12th from about 11:30am to 3pm.

Jan 09th Debra Rogers, Outreach Coordinator, Hamilton Relay, CapTel Phone.  The CapTel app provides captioning on a smartphone.  Logging onto on a comp or tablet, captions can be read on any phone.

Feb 13th Toni Barrient.  So CA State Chapter Coordinator.

    Consumer Guide to Purchasing Hearing Aids.

Mar 13th Holly Skinner, West Coast Sales Representative for Desyncra, Inc.

               – Tinnitus:  it’s Causes & Effects, and New Technology to Bring Relief.

Apr 10th Brad Ingrao Au.D.  Long Beach Veterans Administration.

                Assistive Devices Beyond Hearing Aids, VA help and Ask Dr. Brad.

May 08th Rachel Burnett.  Au.D. Mission Audiology.                         

                 – Personalized hearing treatment and risks of untreated hearing loss.

 Jun 12th Special Summer Meeting.

                Mark Wohlgemuth, M.D.

                Ask the Doctor.

 Jul 10th Steering Committee Meeting:  Speaker Mtg Not Planned at This Time.         

Aug 14th Steering Committee Meeting:  Speaker Mtg Not Planned at This Time.   

 Sep 11th Stephani Rose, Au.D.  Dir. of Audiology, Orange Coast Hearing Specialists.  – Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline.  New Book:  Five Keys to HA Success.

                    Kyle Riley.  Guest Services Coordinator at the SCFA in Costa Mesa.

                   Services provided by SCFA for those with hearing loss.

                   Sahar Malekpour.  Assistant Manager. Edwards Aliso Viejo Theaters.  

                  Services provided by Edwards Theaters for those with hearing loss.

Oct 09th Dr. Joni Doherty, Au.D., Shohet Ear Associates, Newport & Seal Beach.    – Ototoxic Drugs.

                  – Roberta Smith.  Outreach Specialist, CA Telephone Access Program, CTAP.

               – How CTAP provides help and services for the hearing impaired.

 Nov 13th Ann Mundell-Noel, Audiologist. Ultimate Hearing

                 Coping with the Holidays.           

Dec 11th Holiday Social Meeting.

                  Penny Flaherty, M.A.  Deaf Education, Speech Pathology & Audiology,      Associate Faculty, Saddleback College.

                  Lip Reading for the Hearing Impaired.