Calendar of Events – 2016


All 2016 meetings will be in the Juniper Rm on the 2nd Monday from 10 am until noon.
Because of July 4th, the meeting will be on Friday, July 15th and from 10 am until 4 pm.
Note:  November 11th (Fri) is Veteran’s Day; thus, the meeting is changed to the 21st.

Monday,  Jan 11thChapter Presentation Meeting:   Bill Rouzer

                – Hearing Loss 101

Monday, Feb 08th – Steering Committee Meeting.

Monday, Mar 14th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Ann Mundell- Noel, M.A.

     – Hearing  vs Understanding – Improve your Comprehension Today!

Monday, Apr 11th  – Steering Committee Meeting.   Contact chapter president

Monday, May 09th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:

Douglas Richards, Au.D. of Connect Hearing, Inc will talk about the different types of hearing losses: Conductive, Mixed, Sensory, Neural and Central. He will discuss how these occur from causes, such as: Ototoxic Drugs, Noise Induced, Ear Trauma & Infections and Aging Effects.

Monday, Jun 13th – Steering Committee Meeting.  Contact chapter president

Friday, Jul 15th  – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Harrison Lin, MD UCI Medical Ctr

Monday, Aug 08th – Steering Committee Meeting.  Contact chapter president

Monday, Sep 12th – Chapter Presentation Meeting:   Kristi Panek, AuD.

Monday, Oct 10th – Steering Committee Meeting.   Contact chapter president

Monday, Nov 21st – Chapter Presentation Meeting:  Mark Wegener, DPT – Balance Rehab.

                 – Balance Problems and Hearing.

Monday, Dec 12th – Steering Committee Meeting.    Contact chapter president